ZSP saina in “Seminar on Higher Education-cum-Career Councelling” um

Lamka, August 13: ZSP (Zou Sangnaupang Pawlpi) GHQ saina in tuni zinglam nai 11:30 in Zogal Memorial Hall Complex, Zoveng ah “Seminar on Higher Education-cum-Career Councelling-2015” program um a, Resouce person in Ginzamang, Asst. Professor, CCpur Govt. College, Mannuamching, MCS, CEO/ADCC leh Chinlunthang, President, UZO/GHQ pang hi.

Rev. Hangpi Manlun, Bial Pastor, Lamka District, ZPCS in Seminar leh program latna anei jou in P. Nengkhosoi, President, ZSP/GHQ in keynote address genna nei a tuachi’n, Resource person 3 te’n amauh topic chiet ah presentation nei uhi.

“The Necessity and Significant on Higher Education” thu ah Chinlunthang, President, UZO/GHQ in tup-le-ngim kichientah student khat in a nei theina ding in “Who am I?, What am I? leh What is my capacity? athei ngai ban ah career guidance hoitah (nu-le-pa, teachers etc) zong anei ngai ding chi hi. Continue reading


YPA leh KKL te’n tuisanglet leh menchip thuohte panpina pie

Lamka, August 12: Churachandpur district sung a Philanthropic Organization lian 2 (KKL & YPA GHQ) te’n tutung menchim leh tuisanglet zieh a tenna inn-le-lou taisante panpina ding a relief fund leh material a kaikhawmte uh hawmkhe ding in tuni’n Lamka nuasie hi.

YPA GHQ lamkai na nuoi a relief fund/material hawmkhe ding a kuon YPA member-te tuzingkal nai 9:00 in Lunminthang Haokip, IAS, DC/CCpur in YPA GHQ Hall, Hiangtam Lamka ah hakhie in flag-off a,alangkhat ah Thangjang Haokip, Continue reading


UZO President ding in Chinlunthang teelching in um

Lamka, March 19: 59th UZO GHQ Annual Assembly-cum-Election (Mid Term Poll) hun a teel ching a um Zou Working Committee (ZWC) member mi 15 te’n tuni’n UZO Office, Zogal Memorial Complex, Zoveng ah 2015-17 sung a UZO President ding in Chinlunthang teel ching uhi.

Teelching a um UZO President, Chinlunthang Pasian leh mipi mai ah Zou Zumpi Chairman, Peter Kammang in kichiemna neisah in namdetna nei a, tuachi’n Out going UZO President, Continue reading

Movement between Indo-Myanmar border on Tedim Line restricted by the army

53631956Lamka, Nov. 30: With related to November 11 incident where two AR personnel were killed and 3 critically injured in an ambush near Indo-Myanmar border, a reliable source told our reporter that the Indian Army who are posted in Behiang restricted movement of people from both side of the country.

A local resident told our reporter that, the army strickly restricted us as well as our people from the other side of the border to cross the boundary. He lamented the hardship face by the people in that area where their daily livelihood depends on minor business between the two countries. Continue reading

Prime Minister assured development for state

PM in Manipur

PM in Manipur

Imphal Nov 30: North East youth will be recruited in Delhi police stated Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday in the closing ceremony of the 10 day long Manipur biggest festival Sangai Festival at Bhaeigachadra Open Air Theater (BOAT).

On his arrival at Tulihal international airport the PM was received by Governor, KK Paul, Chief Minsiter O. Ibobi Singh, Health minister Phungjathang, Assembly Speaker etc apart from them BJP Manipur Pradesh President Th Chaoba and some leaders to received the PM at his arrival. Continue reading


gs haupuSingngat AC MLA in Behiang a Go-down Bridge of Hope Centre bawlna ding mun enkhie; Sepaite tung ah mipi lungkimlou

Lamka, November 29: Tuni’n Pu GS Haupu, MLA, Singngat AC in Behiang leh Singngat khuo a solkal go-down bawlna ding mun etna nei hi. Tam hun ah Pu Thuamkhansuan, SDO, Singngat, Pu Michael Ginzasuon, DSO leh lamkai tuomtuom in zui uhi. Pu GS Haupu in tambang inn lamna ding mun athawn a tuoh Behiang hausa Pi Jubilee Mawi a patat thu gen hi. Continue reading


angwAnganwadi Worker leh Helper  te’n Thanlon ICDS Block Office luu in files leh document-te mei in haal

Lamka, November 28: Thanlon Block nuoi a Anganwadi Worker leh Helper kigawm mi 8 terminate a umte akintheilam a revoke ding leh District Program Officer, ICDS, CCpur suonkhiet (transfer) ding thu ah tuni’n CCpur District Anganwadi Mahila Association nuoi te’n Police Station mai, Tedim Road leh PTC Office, Hiangtam Lamka mai ah kiphina nei in Sit-in-Protest nei uhi. Continue reading