Zogam Today – July 18, 2014

BJP CCPur District Mahila Morcha office honna leh Mass Enrolment kick-off ceremony vaiguon um

Lamka, July 17: BJP Churachandpur District Mahila Morcha office honna leh Mass Enrolment kick-off ceremony tuni zinglam nai 11:30 in District BJMM Office, Tuibuong ah um hi. Program hun ah Prof. Gangmumei Kamei, National Vice President, National ST Morcha in BJP Flag kaipalna leh Ibemcha Devi, President, BJP Manipur Pradesh in Mahila Morcha Office honna nei hi.

Tami hun ah M. Chungkhosei Haokip, State Executive Member & National Executive Member, ST Morcha in BJP party chilou singtangmite kinepna party dang umlou leh ahing tung ding ADC General Election 2015, hun ah zong BJP in absolute majority muding chi’n mipi thei ding in phuon lawhna nei hi. Aman agenzelna ah maban ah party in BJP ideology toh kisai a mipite’n doh nuom leh hasatna aneite uh kup theina ding “Public Grievances Centre” khat zong hong hiding chi’n gen in 2012 MLA election hun a District BJP member ama maimai ahilai toh teh in tu in member gentah lou lamkai ding zong mi aki-volunteer tam mama ta chi hi. Continue reading

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Zogam Today – July 4, 2014

Kuki Students’ Organisation in Orphanage Home’te panpina pie

Lamka, July 3: T. Lalkhohao Haokip, President, KSO Churachandpur lamkai na’n KSO member te’n tuni’n Lamka khopi sung a um Orphanage Home tuomtuom 3, Sangga Muon Inn, Bijang, Amazing Grace, Bungmual leh Happiness Home, Pangzawl vehna nei in panpina anntang piehna nei uhi.

Orphanage Home 3 te vehna ahileh tuni zinglam nai 11:00 in kipan a, KSO member te’n Sangga Muon Inn, Bijang ah anntang bang 2, Amazing Grace, Bungmual ah anntang bang 2 leh Happiness Home, Pangzawl ah anntang bang 3 pieh in agawm in anntang bang 7 pekhie uhi. Tami hun ah T. Lalkhohao, President, KSO Churachandpur in hawm a um antangte KSO in neival zieh hizawlou in itna (love) tungtawn a pieh uh ahidan genkawm in KSO Churachandpur saina nuoi a Peace Ground, Tuibuong a um “Summer Mela” zal hingjou (free of cost) ding in zong adeisah thu gen hi. Continue reading

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Zogam Today – July 3, 2014

PHC & PHSC ah khosih damdawi lahthei; Suangphu khuo a “Focal Spray” kap ding

Lamka, July 2: Singngat Sub-Division nuoi a um Suangphu khuo a khatvei thu a Malaria Positive (PF) vei mi 4 mukhiet ahina tung ah Chief Medical Office, Churachandpur in ngaikhaw mama in zingchieng, July 3, 2014, a Suangphu khuo a “Focal Spray” kap ding in Dr. Thangchinkhup Guite, CMO in tuni’n order suoh hi.

“Focal Spray” kapna ahileh mikhat sang a tamzaw Malaria Positive (PF) veina/umna khuote ah kap hi’a, zong Department in DDT pang a thoukang doudalna ding toh kisai a program leh policy a aguon khalou khuote a emergency atun chieng a kap ding china zong suoh hi. Continue reading

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Zogam Today – July 2, 2014

PwDs leh Senior Citizen te ding in SBI in kalkhat in ni vei Counter bikhieh sah

Lamka, July 1: Persons With Disabilities (PwDs) leh Senior Citizen-te a ding State Bank of India, Churachandpur Branch in kalkhat a nivei (Monday & Friday) atuom a Counter hun (Timing) bikhiet sah ding chi’n S. Kaikhanthang, Branch Manager in tuni SBI Day hun ah gen in counter-te ah PwDs leh Senior Citizen te’n thoveng tah in cash deposite leh cash transaction nuom tah in bawl theita ding uh chi hi. Counter ahileh Monday & Friday zinglam nai 9:30 apat suun masang nai 11:30 sung hiding chi’n genkia in S. Kaikhanthang, Branch Manager SBI in Churachandpur District Disabled Union (CDDU) Office a ding Plastic Chair 5 leh Table khat CDDU lamkaite kung ah piakhietna zong nei hi. Continue reading

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Zogam Today, July 01, 2014

Churachandpur District BJP Party meeting um

Lamka, June 30: Congress Government in Manipur Singtang gam a teng alian-aneu chi umlou in Nampi lamkai teng kung ah zong identity card bawlsah leh pieh in sum-le-paai thahat in leikhe siang a, hinanleh Singtangmite interest ah tunitan in bangma sepsuoh sah lou in a term (10 years) uh zong bei khong chi’n T. Hangkhanpau, BJP Leader Manipur Pradesh in tuni Hmar Veng a um Churachandpur District BJP Party meeting hun ah gen in BJP Party chilou Singtangmi (SoS group) te suotatna ding Party dang umlou chi hi.

Aman agenzelna ah Congress Governemnt in SoS group te dialogue patpi ding a agenna uh tu kum toh sim in kum 8 chingta ahidan zong genkawm in T. Hangkhanpau in hiamkham (cease fire) bawl kawmkawm in a ut hunhun chieng un Sepoy/Army te sawl in Nampi lamkaite tanpha a ut dandan a bawl sawm in a inn tahpha uh zong luh (raid) sah uh chi hi. Alangkhat ah Tongminthang Lhungdim, MDC Sagang in 6th Schedule leh Full Autonomy thu pang a Tribal issue tuomtuom toh kisai a New Delhi a Prime Minister leh Home Minister akimupina thu te report piehna nei in mailam hun a MDC General Election um ding hun a BJP party in absolute majority amu theina ding a pan lachiet ding in meeting a peikhawm member-te theisah hi.


Job card nasepna thaman ni 5 a ding release

Lamka, June 30: Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Schemes (MGNREGS) 2014-15, nuoi a Job card nasepna thaman (1st Phase) ni 5 a ding release hita hi. Tami toh kisai a DRDA office in tuni’a block wise village list asuo khietna ua Lamka block apat khuo 58, Sangaikot block apat khuo 98, Continue reading

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